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Stranger Things comes with a spin-off about Eleven

The fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ has yet to come, but Netflix has good news for fans in the meantime. Millie Bobby Brown (17) is also playing the role of Eleven for a spin-off.

Millie and Netflix get along well. The actress would have signed a new contract with the streaming service and therefore bing even more often. Not only in Stranger Things , the series that made her world famous, but also in a spin-off about her character Eleven. What this will look like is not yet known. Moreover, it is still unclear when we can binge-watch the series (or film) on Netflix. 

Stranger Things will hopefully return soon with season four. And that means we can once again enjoy our favorite teens Eleven, Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin and the bizarre monsters they encounter in their town. The fans have been dry since summer 2019 and cannot wait for new episodes of the Netflix series. The release date has not yet been announced for this either. 

Netflix seems to love spin-offs and has also made one out of Undercover . Monic Hendrickx talks about her role in Ferry in the video below.